Weather in Sierra de Guara

This region of Aragon is one of the most appreciated for the practice of canyoning. There is a micro-climate on the whole chain of the Sierra de Guara, which mixes oceanic and Mediterranean climate. Two cycles of seasons are distinguished:

  • In winter: Heavy rains and cold temperatures.
  • In summer: Generous sunshine, warmer air and water temperatures.

In general, weather forecasts are very reliable, due to the micro-climate it is common that prediction like rains finally doesn’t affect the area.


From May to September, we distinguish 3 periods in which conditions may vary:


MAY-JUNE is a period often quiet in term of attendance, water levels can be high, and canyons rather athletic. Weather conditions and temperatures can be variable, so we discourage this period for young children. The beginning of the season is ideal for expert canyons and those which become dry during the low period (Mascun-Fornocal-Virgen/Petit Mascun)


JULY-AUGUST is the best time to do canyoning as it combines a good balance between water level conditions and summer temperatures. Every year, some thunderstorms happens and replenish the canyons. July is often a little quieter than the first three weeks of August. Overall It is the perfect time to make a family holiday with children. August brings together the best conditions.


SEPTEMBRE is a fairly quiet period. Water levels are often low but sufficient, the affluence of August ususally behgind. However, you have to be aware of weather conditions, because autumn can come very quickly and refresh the atmosphere.


Cancellations are very rare, but sometimes we need to change the programmed tour for obvious safety reasons. Then we always have option to offer. For example, a dry canyon can become a pleasant and playful water descent after a rain.

Canyoning is a outdoor activity that has factors on which we have no take. Each river and canyons is alimented by natural sources, which are supplied by winter precipitation. In general, a low rain does not affect the flow of the river or the color its color. However, heavy rains and thunderstorms can dramatically alter the appearance of the canyon and make the descent perilous.


Our golden safety rool : If the water levels or weather conditions put in danger the safety of the participants, we reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time.

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