Particularly long and physically engaged, “expert” canyons are great mythical expeditions of canyoning in the Spanish Pyrenees. With several hours of walking and activity, they require a very good athletic condition and are adressed to experienced public.
Bellow is a selection of outstanding canyons. All are located in the Natural Park area of the Sierra de Guara.


Prerequisites :
-Have a good knowledge of canyoning with rappelling ;
-To be in good shape : no lesion or injury on the legs ;
Over 18 (except exceptional case) ;
-Ideally, doing, at last, one Classic canyon with Le Sens de l’Eau, to let the guides evaluate the level and the capacity of the participants.


A mythical, almost magical canyon. It was baptized “Maskhrun” by the Arabs, which means “the witches’ dwelling”, in reference to the grandiose landscapes bordering its flanks. From the village of Rodellar a very sporty walk allows us to reach the desert plateau of the Sierra de Guara until a perfect circus, starting point of the descent. It is a long and complete canyon (jumps, rappels, swimm) which invites to reverie by its aesthetics. Among the most beautiful passages of the canyon are a succession of basins perfectly smooth and hollowed out in the rock, a massive cave in which the rio engulfs in a semi-obscure atmosphere, a magnificent narrow passage called the Pozo Negro. Its length and the number of rappels are making its difficulty.

To be practiced at best at the beginning of the season : from May to mid July. It is generally dry the rest of the summer.


Category: expert aquatic canyon

Difficulty: difficult. A dozen abseils, from 5 to 20 meters

Approach: 3 hours

Return walk: 1h30


Extremely beautiful, this dry canyon is a succession of rappels openning to a vertical and wild setting. After a superb hike on the high plateaux of the north of the Sierra, until the abandoned village of Otin, we go into the gorge that is devoid of water but aesthetically sculpted. The descent is a succession of rappels, more or less high and technical, of which two very dizzying reveal an incredible point of view on the canyon and requires a little experience in rope descent. This canyon is banned in spring because of the nesting of birds, and therefore runs during the summer period.

It is an ideal option to take a break in a series of aquatic canyons while remaining very sporty and sensational.


Category: dry expert canyon

Difficulty: difficult. A dozen abseils, including the largest 45 meters

Approach: 1h30

Return walk: 1h30


Wild and engaged, this descent is reputed to be the longest one in the Sierra de Guara. As for the Mascun the approach start from the village of Rodellar and strides rapidly West to reach the abandoned village of Nasarre.

The entrance – an impressive gorge which cuts the mountain in two marks a first very impressive part: a succession of jumps that can also be rapelled down. Many very cold and clear swims betray the existence of submerged springs. Then the second part, more open,  reveals a majestic landscape leading naturally on the wide defile of Barrasil, and the last optional jumps of the descent.

The “Billionaire’s Pool” suggests that the end is near, just a few minutes away there is the Puente’s camping bar!

To be appreciated this canyon requires effort management and good athletic condition.


Category: expert aquatic canyon

Difficulty: difficult. Some reminders not exceeding 12 meters

Approach: 3 hours

Return walk: none


This long combination makes it possible to discover in the same day two totally different atmospheres. This canyon is located in a wild area of ​​the Sierra de Guara in the Rio Isuala valley.

After an approaching walk in a very mountainous setting, one reaches the bottom of a valley bordered by high cliffs in bright colors. The Balces canyon begins with a chaos of blocks and a rappel of 8 meters in a beautiful waterfall. The suite, made up of down climbing passages, slides, optional underwater passages, gives access to the most incredible moment of the descent, unique in Sierra: a one meter narrow sculpted by the erosion corridor. Another 5 meter rappel makes you get out of the gorge. This very rhythmic canyon surprises by its originality and beauty.

After the water canyon of Balcès, a hike takes us to the Cautiecho, a conglomerate fault without water where the main difficulties consist in rappeling down. The light and the vegetation give a wild and unique feeling. A rappel of 42 meters is one of the most singular passages of the Sierra de Guara: sensations guaranteed!


Category: dry canyon

Difficulty *: easy / medium. 5 or 8 reminders depending on the option chosen

Approach: 30 minutes

Return walk: 15 minutes

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