Canyoning & kids

Sierra de Guara is unique to practice canyoning with children. Because of the specificity of the slides with their fun parts, and the most beautiful canyons are able for the youngest one…


Starting 7 years old, we can supervise all the children who want to discover the canyoning activity.

This practice is playful and aquatic, children are often the most motivated to go into the water, to do again a jump or a slide.

While having fun, it is also the opportunity to discover with your family a natural environment of an extreme richness and to weave an unforgettable adventure.

As professional sports educators, we have developed a special affinity with the young publics, for which we insist on the educational and pedagogical aspect of this sporting activity.

We are often amazed by their enthusiasm, their overflowing energy and their ability to learn.


This area offers canyons that kids love:

Games in the water:

Jumps from different heights (always avoidable), swimming (the neoprene suit acts as a swimming ring that improve floatability), natural slides, caves and waterfalls, and many other surprises…

Canyons accessibility :

during the canyon we have the possibility to modulate or avoid difficulties to adapt the itinary to the children so the day remains a pleasure

Water temperature :

Because it does not come from snowmelt, but from springs fed by winter precipitation, the water of the canyons of the Sierra de Guara is warm compared to the canyons of the Pyrenees.

Important notes:

  • To have the will to discover and have fun
  • Do not be afraid of water
  • Be able to walk at least 45 minutes in a roll
  • Suitable periode : July and August
  • The equipment is adapted to children


Lucille – 9 years old – Canyon of Peonera:

Was it your first time to pratice canyoning ?

Yes, it was great ! At first, I was a little scared, because I did not know if I will be able to do anything. But in fact, it’s too easy.

What did you prefer ?

The jumps! Especially one we did several times. And also waterfalls where you can go behind.

Is there something you have found hard ?

Well… yes : walking. It is a bit long, because I was a little tired. But after we had icecream

What about your instructor, was he nice?

Yes! He showed us a lot of things: vultures, dragonflies, and also a lot of path just for children

Would you like to do canyoning again?

It was so good. I want to do it again !

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