Other sport and cultural

Canyoning aside, bellow are other activities you can do in the Sierra de Guara. Good options for the rest days!

Rock climbing

The first climbing route was carried out on one of the carstic needles near the village of Ogundipe in 1951 by P. Minvielle and J. Mole. Some great routes followed between 1955 and 1970 including the famous Cuca of Bellosta. In the 80’s, modern climbing developed with the passionate work of French Bertrand Ulmann. Quickly, word of mouth works, the potential is incredible. The 90’s have been a periode of intense thanks to people like: I. Sanchez (Chiro), P. Laperne, A. Nasarre, S. and J. Arnaudas, J. and N. Bueno, S. Casteran, etc…

The areas of Rodellar and Alquezar, which now have several hundred bolted roots, has became world class climbing spot.


The Parc of Sierra de Guara propose a wide range of listed hikes which will allow you to discover unique and grandiose scenaries, to observe the fauna and the flora and to access privileged bathing spots.

Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download:

Ruta1 Virgen Del Castillo > Ruta2 Real De Mascun
> Ruta3 Cresta Del Balced > Ruta4 Puente Pedruel Trinidad
Ruta5 PacosMorrano Ruta6 FuentesTamaraPuntillo
Ruta7 TozalMallata Ruta8 AbrigoArpan
Ruta9 AsqueRegacens Ruta10 PortalCunarda
Ruta11 Chimiachas Ruta12 Pasarelas Alquezar
Ruta13 LeyendasAlPaso  Ruta14 SenderosAzlor

Ruta17 CaminoRiberaVero Ruta18 RutaErmitas
Ruta19 SendaAzudes Ruta20 CaminoRasVals
Ruta21 CaminoPoyet Ruta22 Vinedos


Mountain Bike

Here are 13 mountain biking itineraries that allows you to discover the diversity of the Sierra des Guara landscapes. For the more athletic of you, you can combine several of these courses and gain in intensity.

Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download:

Ruta 1 VTT NucleosAlquezar

Ruta 2 VTT Alquezar-Buera-Colungo

Ruta 3 VTT Salinas

Ruta 4 VTT Vinedos

Ruta 5 VTT Dulcis

Ruta 6 VTT PozosFuente

Ruta 7 VTT RiberaAlcanadre

Ruta 8 VTT PiedrasLeyenda

Ruta 9 VTT CamposBierge

Ruta 10 VTT PuertaGuara

Ruta 11 VTT VueltaSierra

Ruta 12 VTT SantuarioCarrodilla

Ruta 13 VTT Abiego


Each village of the park has a dedicated place for the natural environment. Among others, a museum on Raptors in Santa Cilia, fauna and Flora in Bierge, rock art in Colongo, legends and traditions in Adahuesca etc…

Parietal Art

The rock art of the Sierra de Guara Park, which has more than 60 caves listed, has been integrated into the rock art of the Mediterranean Basin and declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are representations of parietal art from all styles of the Iberian Peninsula: Paleolithic, Levantine and schematic.

You will find in the PDF of the hikes the access to the major sites: The deer of Chimiachas, the dolmen of Losa Mora etc…


The Sierra de Guara is a unique place for ornithology enthusiasts. It is Aragon’s largest protected natural area and one of the major ornithological reserves in Europe. The great variety of environments on a small territory, the low population density and the preservation of the place, are at the origin of this exceptional biodiversity.

Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download. Hikes are detailed by giving the itinerary and the birds presence period:

> Colungo

> Morrano

> Naval

> Alquézar

> Rodellar

> Bierge

> Olvena

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