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Coming from different regions in France, we met during our professional training of climbing and canyoning. After many seasons in various structures and kilometers of road together, we created LE SENS DE L’EAU in 2009.

This professional and collective adventure works beyond our expectations, perhaps because it is primarily based on a common desire to maintain and strengthen our friendship.


LE SENS DE L’EAU allows us today to share and live from our passion, but also other instructors who have joined our project.


After several years of guiding in the canyons of Sierra de Guara, we, instructors of the SENS DE L’EAU wish to share with you our passion, our profession, our philosophy.

Twenty years ago we discovered the Sierra de Guara, already known for the diversity of its canyon descents. All three of us found of outdoor climbing and nature, we quickly fell under the charm and ambiance of Rodellar, the small Spanish villages and this idyllic setting.


From time to time, this place became our playground, where rock and water connects. Thoroughly we have explored the canyons and spotted the best passages in order to progress in a playful and safe way. Taking the time to look at theunique landscapes of the Sierra de Guara.

Canyoning, this subtle blend of hiking, swimming and rope techniques, has often surprised us by its ability to bring men closer together.


Based on this experience to guide groups in these aquatic mazes, we think of our profession around values of respect, discovery and learning. Also, we just want to convince you that the adventure is within the reach of all. Today, our goal is to make you discover the Sierra de Guara and our passion for canyoning, symbolically following “the sense of water”.


This philosophy connects us, and forges our common friendship.

Looking forward to see you soon in the heart of the Sierra de Guara.


Pierre-Julien, Nico et Sam
le 15/09/2009

The canyoning guides

Here are the professional instructors invested in the dynamics of the Sens De l’Eau. Everyone brings their own personal experience and sensitivity to the human adventure of our companies in their own way.


A canyoning guide since 2003, notably with the UCPA association, he founded Le Sens De l’Eau in 2010 with Sam and Pierre-julien. A man in the field par excellence, he is the master of the technical and practical management of the company, for example by piloting the drone which is used for aerial shots.

An experienced instructor, he knows how to quickly create relational ties with groups, humor forges his character.


A former trainee of Nico, he started as a canyoning guide in 2006. He found his place as coordinator and organizer within Sens De l’Eau, and deploys an academic pedagogy and a natural sensitivity to supervise groups.

A photographer, he also produces all the Sens De l’Eau videos. Very athletic, Rodellar’s climbing routes hold no secrets for him.


Third founder of Sens De’Eau, it is the graphic designer who creates the entire visual identity of the company from A to Z. He brings his managerial vision with hindsight and acute professionalism.

Traveler and hardworking, he lives in China all year round and returns to Sierra de Guara every summer to work as an instructor with his friends, and also to enjoy the sun and the Spanish atmosphere.


Canyoning guide since 2012, Miquel reinvents the definition of the word “enthusiasm” every day. Portuguese nationality, he fell in love with the Sierra de Guara in 2005, practicing passionately climbing.

Extremely attentive to others, he makes a point of sharing his knowledge. Polyglot, Miquel speaks French very well.


A guide for several years with Sens De l’Eau, Carlos has a fair and professional vision of the canyoning coaching profession. He spends the rest of the year as a climbing instructor in Barcelona. A guide since 2010, this Mallorcan quickly adapted to the state of mind and the way the company works.

Today, he brings new ideas for the professional development of Sens De l’Eau, notably by participating in the translation of the website.


Freshly graduated from State canyoning at Creps de Montpellier, Guillaume quickly adapts to his new job. This former senior executive is retraining to devote himself to his passion: the mountains! Sensitive to our philosophy, he completed a very rewarding seasonal internship in 2017 which allowed him to complete his training.

By joining the team of instructors, a touch of freshness blows the Sens de l’Eau experience!


A feminine touch in a boys’ team, Paola arrives in reinforcement for the crowd in August. Her smile and her enthusiasm burst under the sun of the Sierra de Guara, a region that this climbing and canyoning instructor knows perfectly well. We had met her a few years ago because she worked as a forest ranger in the Sierra de Guara Natural Park, since this passionate about nature and extreme sports is part of the Spanish female mountaineering team, and puts all her energy into energy to share the canyoning experience with you!


Long-time friend, with whom Nico, Sam and Pierre-Julien share many trips and mountain sports experiences, Mathieu has been an instructor since 2003. When he is not supervising groups of teenagers with the Versant Sud association, he works with Le Sens De l’Eau. Endowed with unfailing patience, he is adept at showing the greatness of nature. He is also the initiator of a movement to protect the natural environment of the Bierge dam.


A new smile in the Sens de l’Eau team of instructors: Pauline is joining us this year in Sierra de Guara. She has been a medium mountain guide and has been certified in Canyoning since. After 4 years of the summer season in the Verdon region in France, she discovered the canyons of Sierra de Guara and blended in wonderfully with the local Spanish atmosphere. Passionate about nature and hyper dynamic, she reinvents yet another new feminine version of the ethics of Sens de l’Eau …

Le sens de l’eau A FRENCH COMPANY

Here is legal and administrative information about the company Le Sens de l’Eau. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our General Conditions of Sale which must be signed with each reservation via the online form.


Le Sens De l’Eau is a limited liability company with an initial capital of 6,000 € bringing together Patented and State-certified climbing and canyoning instructors. Passionate and experienced, they will make you discover canyoning in complete safety.

Le Sens De l’Eau is also a registered trademark, logo and name of our brand. Any use and reproduction is strictly prohibited.


Canyoning is a group activity that requires knowledge of the environment, knowledge and technical qualifications: rope rescue, reading of water movements, appreciation of a route, knowledge of the weather …

Coaching professionals and experts in the canyons of the Sierra de Guara, we use our teaching methods to pass on the know-how inherent in the activity: technical advice on jumps, whitewater swimming, rope techniques.

The instructors are affiliated to the French Mountain and Climbing Federation (FFME), members of the National Union of Climbing and Canyon Professionals (SNAPEC) and the National Union of Canyoning Monitors (SNMC).


Individual Bodily Accident Insurance: in the event of bodily injury which does not call into question the instructor’s responsibility (example: non-compliance with safety rules), each participant in SCM Le Sens De l’Eau activities is covered by this insurance.

Professional Civil Liability Insurance: each guide has one for the technical supervision of the canyoning activity.

These two insurances are included in the prices mentioned.


Because we work in the same environment, that we share the same passion for canyoning, here are our partners since the beginning of our adventure.


This is our “made in France” brand of security. It allows us to work with design and practical equipment, like the famous ELIOS helmets.

Vade Retro

We provide our fleet of neoprene wetsuits. This Bordeaux-based company is renowned for the quality of its neoprene, solid and isothermal.

Le Vieux Campeur

An institution of Outdoor equipment in France. We go through the pages of its catalog every year, looking for the best material.

The Kalandraka

A magnificent setting for this refuge “at the end of the world” Canyoning & climbing instructors in Languedoc Like us, they have combined their skills to set up their own business.

Aventure Chlorophylle

A multi-activity box that will make you discover the northern slope of the Pyrenees.

Arké & Garrapet’Aiga

Two long-time friends and traveling companions, Joan (Arké) & Étienne (Garrapet’Aiga) are instructors and offer climbing, canyoning and going ferrata in the Ossau valley!

Sport Nature Cévennes

Climbing, canyoning, via ferrata and paragliding around Millau, the capital of outdoor sports. Go visit Bérengère and Marco!

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