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Coming from different regions in France, we met during our professional training of climbing and canyoning. After many seasons in various structures and kilometers of road together, we created LE SENS DE L’EAU in 2009.

This professional and collective adventure works beyond our expectations, perhaps because it is primarily based on a common desire to maintain and strengthen our friendship.


LE SENS DE L’EAU allows us today to share and live from our passion, but also other instructors who have joined our project.


After several years of guiding in the canyons of Sierra de Guara, we, instructors of the SENS DE L’EAU wish to share with you our passion, our profession, our philosophy.

Twenty years ago we discovered the Sierra de Guara, already known for the diversity of its canyon descents. All three of us found of outdoor climbing and nature, we quickly fell under the charm and ambiance of Rodellar, the small Spanish villages and this idyllic setting.


From time to time, this place became our playground, where rock and water connects. Thoroughly we have explored the canyons and spotted the best passages in order to progress in a playful and safe way. Taking the time to look at theunique landscapes of the Sierra de Guara.

Canyoning, this subtle blend of hiking, swimming and rope techniques, has often surprised us by its ability to bring men closer together.


Based on this experience to guide groups in these aquatic mazes, we think of our profession around values of respect, discovery and learning. Also, we just want to convince you that the adventure is within the reach of all. Today, our goal is to make you discover the Sierra de Guara and our passion for canyoning, symbolically following “the sense of water”.


This philosophy connects us, and forges our common friendship.

Looking forward to see you soon in the heart of the Sierra de Guara.


Pierre-Julien, Nico et Sam
le 15/09/2009

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