Canyoning in Sierra de Guara is the ideal way to discover the activity and to enjoy a sporty day.

Playfull and aquatic, the canyons of Sierra de Guara have contributed since the beginning of the activity to the international fame of the region for canyoning in Spain.

Bellow is a selection of outstanding canyons. All are located in the Natural Park area of the Sierra de Guara.


History of canyoning started in Rio Vero ! Therefore he contributed significantly to the region notoriety.
The sheer size and beauty of the cliffs make this canyon a true natural museum. Technically easy, several big chaos of blocks make this descent,very playful and aquatic: like a mineral labyrinth made of small slides, snorkeling and jumping (all bypassable). It ends with the famous medieval village of Alquezar, which adds to the trip a cultural touch. It is an ideal tour for families and lovers of grandiose landscapes.

Approach: 1 hour
Return: 20 minutes


The Canyon Péonéra is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the Sierra de Guara. The descent begins with a succession of cascades and basins where the current often invites to play with. Naturally shaped for the canyoning activity, this tour offers many surprising passages: aesthetic chaos of blocks, long swimming passages, a wide variety Jumps and siphons (all bypassable). At the half-way, at the source of Tamara, we follow naturally the descent by a small canyon named Puntillo, totally different: less cashed so sunny, the limestone gives way to the conglomerate. After a little chaos, the river opens onto a very pretty basin where you can practice jumps of different heights in an emerald green translucent water.

No rappel.

Approach: 1 hour

Return: 30 minutes


The hidden Gem of Sierra de Guara! This very complete canyon is located in a wild area of the Sierra de Guara in the Rio Isuala valley. After an approaching walk in a very mountainous setting, we will reache the bottom of a valley bordered by high cliffs in bright colors. The Balces canyon begins with a chaos of blocks and a rappel of 8 meters in a beautiful waterfall. Then follows small down-climbing passages, slides, optional underwater passages… provides access to the most incredible moment of the descent unique in Sierra de Guara: a one meter narrow sculpted by the erosion of the l ‘water. Another 5-meter reminder allows you to get out of the gorge and finish the canyon with nice passages. This very rhythmic canyon surprises by its originality and its beauty.

2 rappel that doesn’t exceed 8 meters

Approach: 1.5 hours

Return: 30 minutes


Here is the most representative canyoning canyon. Nestled in a gorge of conglomerate rock, its descent is very complete, and connects playful passages playful accessible to all. Physically approchable, it enables to learn gently the basic ropes techniques, and offers many fun passages. After a pleasant walk overflown by griffon vultures, the parcours begins with a very easy small rappel before reaching the water. What’s come next is aquatic: slides, small optional jumps. Two rappel of about 7 meters (which the most adventurous can possibly jump), give to this descent its technical aspect. The end of the canyon – more open and sunny – offers beautiful canyoning passages, which according to the water level, can be sensational!

Maximum 3 rappels (up 17 meters)
Approach: 1 hour

Return: 10 minutes


Starting from Rodellar, this combination of two canyons is an ideal option for spring (low water level in summer), and perfect for discovering in the same day two very different atmospheres of the canyoning activity. Virgen is a dry canyon that surprises by its aesthetics. Ideal for learning the rappeling techniques, this descent consists in a succession of big steps with smooth and sculpted walls. At the end of this first canyon, you will reach the famous aquatic canyon of the Mascun (in its lower part). We will continue the day in the water, exploring a chaos of blocks in which there is fun and easy passages: jumps, small caves, waterfalls, swimming… Large magnificent cliffs – on which you may see some climbers – border the canyon to the reach of Barrasil, which announce the close end and the arrival at El Puente campsite.

Maximum 3 rappels (up 10 meters)

Approach: 20 minutes

Return: no walking time back


A wide and wild gorge carved out in the Sierra de Guara plateau, this tour is a sporty alternative to the great Classics of the Sierra de Guara. It allows to stay away from the crowds of the big weekends during summer break. Starting from the small village of Rodellar, you start an approach walk that cross the pass of Andrebot where you will discover the typical landscape the Sierra de Guara. Then starts the canyon with a chaos of imposing blocks where we sail from waterfall to waterfall, bordered by majestic cliffs. Some beautiful underwater passages (bypassable) provides great sensations. Follows a succession of walks and swimm (which presents no technical difficulty) where you can practice jumps at various heights from 2 to 10 meters (all bypassable). Reaching towards the end of the canyon, the « Billionaire swimming pool » is an astonishing natural overflow pool with perfectly oval shape offering a moment of true luxury. The tour ends with a large reach of 300 meters and as much of swimming in a majestic natural corridor that leads directly to the campsite El Puente.


No rappels

Approach: about 2 hours

Return: no walking time back

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