In general, we discover the canyons on a whole day with a pause at around 1pm for a picnic. Below is the descent of the canyon of the Rio Vero. Schedules can vary according to the group’s rhythm.


7:40 am

You leave your accommodation to reach the meeting place we have indicated you by Email.


Arriving on the spot, the guide welcomes you and briefly explains the general course of the day. He distribute the canyoning equipment that will be used for the practice of the activity. This is also the time you retrieve the aquatic digital camera previously booked on the online form.

9:15 am

With the material on your back, the approach walk can start. It will take you to the entrance of the canyon. Along the way, the instructor gives interesting information about the Sierra de Guara, the fauna, the flora, the natural park. Griffon vultures pass close by taking advantage of the heat of the first rays of sunshine, promise of a superb day to come. When lucky Percnoptera of Egypt – a rare species of vulture – can also been seen.

10:00 am

Arriving at the river side. The sound of the first waterfalls invites you to swim, it’s time to get ready. Maybe the most sporting moment of the adventure : you have to put on the neoprene suit!

10:35 am

Finally your are ready to go! But before starting, the guide begins the briefing to explain the rules of safety to be followed, the appropriate positions and procedures as well as the course of the day.

10:45 am

You enter the heart of the canyon, which reveals its many secrets. Excitement laughs emerge from the group at the approach of the first jumps …

12:45 pm

Time for the picnic, the place is bucolic.

14:15 pm

After this break and a little nap for some, you’re back on track for the last part of the canyon, very playful one.

16:30 pm

Now the gorges widen foreshadowing the end of the canyon, still in discovery and action. The instructor manages the canyoning equipment and offers you a refreshing break on a Spanish terrace to conclude your expedition, and discuss the potential canyons for the coming days. You can not wait …

17:30 pm

It is time to go rest a little at your hotel. This evening you will discover the medieval village of Alquezar and enjoy a soft and relaxing evening.

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