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WE ARE OPEN: the 2024 season in Sierra de Gaura is launched!

To book your tour, simply file the form starting with clicking on « BOOKING » button, and let yourself be guided !


Prices includes hardware canyoning’s materials rental and the supervision of a guide for the full day.


Preferential prices upon presentation of supporting documents for:

€60 for aquatics and dry canyons

€90 for experts canyons

– large families (3 children + 1 parent);

from 3 days of canyoning ;

– job seekers;

– students ;

– works conncils.

€50 for aquatics and dry canyons (except august)

– structures and associations for “young” stay.


Exclusivity option :

An à la carte canyoning product, where you will be alone with your guide, to fully enjoy with family or lovers the natural wonders of the Sierra de Guara.  


Prices :

2 people : 400 € / canyon

3 people : 440 € / canyon

4 people : 480 € / canyon

5 people : 520 € / canyon

6 people : 560 € / canyon


Aquatics canyons

Adapted as well for a discovery of the activity as for a sports day, these fun and aquatic canyons are the great "classics" of the Sierra de Guara. They have contributed from the beginnings of canyoning to the international renown of the region.
DISCOUNT 60 € / personne : to be specified in the "message" of the form

dry canyons

True technical hikes, these "classic" canyons allow you to discover a wild and unique facet of the Sierra de Guara. They are aimed at both beginners and sports and offer many fun passages !
DISCOUNT 60 € / personne : to be specified in the "message" of the form

Experts canyons

Particularly long and committed, the expert canyons are aimed at an experienced audience. The fun side is less present in favor of a physical effort over time: walking, swimming, abseiling, jumps, in the heart of a natural landscape of rare beauty!
DISCOUNT 90€ / personne : to be specified in the "message" of the form

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