The ideal time for canyoning starts at the beginning of May and ends at the end of September. Each season has its own specificity depending on the weather and the water levels in the canyons. For more information on the different periods of canyoning, check out our page Weather Sierra de Guara.

Coming by car

Only a hundred kilometers from the French border, the Sierra de Guara is very close to the southern regions of France and the Pyrenees. In addition, to allow travel to Sierra de Guara and to get to the point of meeting, we recommend the use of a car.

Depending on your place of departure, several routes are possible:

  • By Pamplona : if you come from Bayonne and the Basque country.
  • Through the Somport tunnel : if you come from Pau, Bordeaux and all the western regions of France.
  • By the tunnel of Bielsa-Aragnouet : if you come from Toulouse and the center regions (Attention, it is sometimes closed for work, inquire before taking the road).
  • By Girona and Lerida : if you come from Montpellier, and from the east of France.


Routes and distances:

>From Pau: 3h30; 220 kms.

>From Bordeaux: 5h30; 450 kms.

>From Toulouse: 5h; 330 kms.

>From Montpellier: 5h30: 570 kms

>From Argelès and Gavarnie: 4h; 260 kms.

>From Andorra: 3h; 240 kms

(According to Mappy recommendations)


Coming by plane and car

If you’re coming from far away, another convenient solution is to book a plane ticket as well as a car rental directly at the airport. This increasingly common solution also makes it easier to drive in Sierra de Guara.


Routes and distances:

>From Zaragoza airport: 1,5 hours; 125 kms.

>From Barcelona airport: 3 hours; 250 kms.

(According to Mappy recommendations)


The Sierra de Guara is a rather remote rural area, the towns nearby are Barbastro and HuescaRodellar is the starting point for many sports activities: canyoning, climbing, hiking. Alquezar, Unesco World Heritage-listed medieval village, it is a touristic and familial destination. Other villages - Asque, Adahuesca, Alberuela de la Liena, Bierge - are quiet and authentic places.

The only ATM machine in Sierra de Guara is in Alquezar. If you go to Rodellar, be foresight, otherwise the campsites can help you but you will have to pay a commission


The nearest gas station is located at the campsite Alquezar


Apart from the super markets in Huesca and Barbastro, you will find small grocery stores in the campsites of Rodellar and Alquezar, and a mini-market in Adahuesca


This is Spain! You will find bars in all the villages of the Sierra de Guara. Do not miss the terrace of the Kalandraka in Rodellar, the Aragonese revisited cuisine in the Casa Pardina or the calm of “the Alcanadre” in Bierge.



  • Bierge :The almonds “sabores de Guara” and olive oil “Ferrer”. The bar “Alcanadre” sells artisanal ice cream produced in the village.
  • Radiquero is known for goat and sheep cheese
  • Asque is known for honey bee
  • Many wineries between Alquezar and Barbastro sells wine from Somontano.
  • The “Arnal” store in Barbastro is specialized in Spanish deli and Ham

Weather in Sierra de Guara

This region of Aragon is one of the most appreciated for the practice of canyoning. There is a micro-climate on the whole chain of the Sierra de Guara, which mixes oceanic and Mediterranean climate. Two cycles of seasons are distinguished:

  • In winter: Heavy rains and cold temperatures.
  • In summer: Generous sunshine, warmer air and water temperatures.

In general, weather forecasts are very reliable, due to the micro-climate it is common that prediction like rains finally doesn’t affect the area.


From May to September, we distinguish 3 periods in which conditions may vary:


MAY-JUNE is a period often quiet in term of attendance, water levels can be high, and canyons rather athletic. Weather conditions and temperatures can be variable, so we discourage this period for young children. The beginning of the season is ideal for expert canyons and those which become dry during the low period (Mascun-Fornocal-Virgen/Petit Mascun)


JULY-AUGUST is the best time to do canyoning as it combines a good balance between water level conditions and summer temperatures. Every year, some thunderstorms happens and replenish the canyons. July is often a little quieter than the first three weeks of August. Overall It is the perfect time to make a family holiday with children. August brings together the best conditions.


SEPTEMBRE is a fairly quiet period. Water levels are often low but sufficient, the affluence of August ususally behgind. However, you have to be aware of weather conditions, because autumn can come very quickly and refresh the atmosphere.


Cancellations are very rare, but sometimes we need to change the programmed tour for obvious safety reasons. Then we always have option to offer. For example, a dry canyon can become a pleasant and playful water descent after a rain.

Canyoning is a outdoor activity that has factors on which we have no take. Each river and canyons is alimented by natural sources, which are supplied by winter precipitation. In general, a low rain does not affect the flow of the river or the color its color. However, heavy rains and thunderstorms can dramatically alter the appearance of the canyon and make the descent perilous.


Our golden safety rool : If the water levels or weather conditions put in danger the safety of the participants, we reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time.

Accommodations in Sierra de Guara

Here are a few places from a list of the tourist office of the Somontano independent from our Organization. We cannot guarantee the availability and prices.

Acommodation in Rodellar / north Sierra de Guara

Camping El Puente

Close by Rodellar, a family camping with all the comforts (grocery stores, bars, restaurants etc…) along the turquoise and refreshing water of the Alcanadre river.

> El Puente

Camping Mascun

The historic campsite in the village of Rodellar, with a lot of shade and space. It is a good starting point for hikes, canyons and climbing cliffs.

> El Mascun

Valle de Rodellar appartements

Modern, fully furnished apartments from 2 to 6 people, ideally located at the entrance of the village of Rodellar.

> Valle de Rodellar

Casa Javier appartements

Old typical Spanish house completely renovated which offers large apartments of 4 to 12 people, fully equipped.

> Casa Javier


Hosteria de Guara Hotel

clean and spacious hotel at the entrance of Bierge. Ideal to get good rest after a day out of activity.

> Hosteria de Guara

Casa Atuel hotel

Small and picturesque gîte. A living spot where we usually socialise thanks to its large tables and especially to its bar/terrace with panoramic view on the Sierra.

> Casa Atuel

Casa Rufas bed and breakfast

Comfortable rooms in the heart of the village of Bierge that guarante some freshness during the warm summer days.

> Casa Rufas

Era Conte hotel

Quiet and neat, this grand hotel is slightly out from the village of Bierge, calm and serenity on the programme.

> Era Conte


Camping Altaoja

For those who seek tranquility and authenticity, this small campsite is the cheapest accommodation in the Sierra de Guara.

> Altaoja

Camping Guara y Formiga

Campsite near Panzano, and the Canyon Formiga.

> Guara y Formiga


The refuge of Alquezar ERA

Open all year round, this great modern and vibrant refuge is with no doubt one of the most suitable solutions for large groups (a good budget option for Alquezar).


Hotel Villa de Alquezar

in the heart of the medieval city of Alquezar, a high-end hotel where you can enjoy the unique ambience of this place, perfect for a romantic stay!

> Villa de Alquezar

Casa Aurelia

Right in the center of Alquezar, this hotel offers modern and well-thought-out apartments as well as a country house for larger groups, an accommodation option that combines comfort with culture …

> Casa Aurelia

Camping Alquezar

a large campsite in a forest of oaks and olive trees right next to Alquezar. The only gas station in the Sierra is here.

> Camping d’Alquezar

Camping Rio Vero

Campsite located a few kilometers away from Alquezar, alongside the Rio Vero.

> Camping Rio Vero

Hotel El lagar del Vero

In the centre of the village of Huerta del Vero, near the village of Alquezar, this rural hotel is clean and authentic.

> El lagar del Vero


Vino Tinto

4 kms from Alquezar, a luxury inn offering fully equipped apartments. Bar, restaurant, terrace and even jacuzzis!

> Vina Tinto

Auberge CRUX

In Adahuesca, this huge, tastefully renovated hangar has 3 dormitories (4, 6 and 8 beds in shared rooms). In the heart of the Sierra de Guara, its bar on a garden terrace invites you to relax!

> Auberge Crux

Auberge Casa Labata

With an experience of 70 years in the hospitality business, this House in Adahuesca is a place that combines authenticity and modernity.

> Casa Labata

Appartements Las Abuelas de Sevil

Small apartments, clean and spacious, ideal for a family stay. They are located above a convenience store owned by the owners, convenient for refueling!

>  Las Abuelas de Sevil

Auberge Casa Castro

In the centre of the Sierra, the village of Alberuela de la Linka – between Bierge and Alquezar – is a family hostel, which offers double rooms and apartments for several people.

> Casa Castro

Other sport and cultural

Canyoning aside, bellow are other activities you can do in the Sierra de Guara. Good options for the rest days!

Rock climbing

The first climbing route was carried out on one of the carstic needles near the village of Ogundipe in 1951 by P. Minvielle and J. Mole. Some great routes followed between 1955 and 1970 including the famous Cuca of Bellosta.


In the 80’s, modern climbing developed with the passionate work of French Bertrand Ulmann. Quickly, word of mouth works, the potential is incredible. The 90’s have been a periode of intense thanks to people like: I. Sanchez (Chiro), P. Laperne, A. Nasarre, S. and J. Arnaudas, J. and N. Bueno, S. Casteran, etc…


The areas of Rodellar and Alquezar, which now have several hundred bolted roots, has became world class climbing spot.


The Parc of Sierra de Guara propose a wide range of listed hikes which will allow you to discover unique and grandiose scenaries, to observe the fauna and the flora and to access privileged bathing spots.


Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download:

> Virgen Del Castillo

> Real De Mascun

> Cresta Del Balced

> Puente Pedruel Trinidad

> Pacos Morrano

> Fuentes Tamara Puntillo

> Tozal Mallata

> Abrigo Arpan

> Asque Regacens

> Portal Cunarda

> Chimiachas

> Pasarelas Alquezar

> LeyendasAlPaso

> Senderos Azlor

> CaminoRiberaVero

> RutaErmitas

> SendaAzudes

> CaminoPoyet

> Vinedos

Mountain Bike

Here are 13 mountain biking itineraries that allows you to discover the diversity of the Sierra des Guara landscapes. For the more athletic of you, you can combine several of these courses and gain in intensity.


Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download:

> VTT NucleosAlquezar

> VTT Alquezar-Buera-Colungo

> VTT Salinas

> VTT Vinedos

> VTT Dulcis

> VTT PozosFuente

> VTT RiberaAlcanadre

> VTT PiedrasLeyenda

> VTT CamposBierge

> VTT PuertaGuara

> VTT VueltaSierra

> VTT SantuarioCarrodilla

> VTT Abiego


Each village of the park has a dedicated place for the natural environment. Among others, a museum on Raptors in Santa Cilia, fauna and Flora in Bierge, rock art in Colongo, legends and traditions in Adahuesca etc…

Parietal Art

The rock art of the Sierra de Guara Park, which has more than 60 caves listed, has been integrated into the rock art of the Mediterranean Basin and declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are representations of parietal art from all styles of the Iberian Peninsula: Paleolithic, Levantine and schematic.


You will find in the PDF of the hikes the access to the major sites: The deer of Chimiachas, the dolmen of Losa Mora etc…


The Sierra de Guara is a unique place for ornithology enthusiasts. It is Aragon’s largest protected natural area and one of the major ornithological reserves in Europe. The great variety of environments on a small territory, the low population density and the preservation of the place, are at the origin of this exceptional biodiversity.


Explanatory sheets made by the tourist office of Somontano are available for download. Hikes are detailed by giving the itinerary and the birds presence period:


> Colungo

> Morrano

> Naval

> Alquézar

> Rodellar

> Bierge

> Olvena

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