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Our job is to guide you through the gorges of the Sierra de Guara and to make you enjoy to the best the unique landscapes of this region.

We have classified canyons according to two categories:

  • The “Classics” canyons, aquatics and dry : suitable for all groups
  • The “Experts” canyons: long and engaged that calls for true sports capabilities.


This is to allow you to make your choice according to your desires and capabilities.


Over the years, we have created several offers adapted to many type of groups : training of several canyons, stay for institutions (associations, schools….) or private companies, one option “canyon prestige” and the possibility to rent a waterproof camera (to take pictures or videos)…


From May to Septembre we organise day tours, "à la carte", according to your level and your dates of stays. You will find in this section all the information about the canyons of the Sierra de Guara and the various services we offer.


For a first discovery of the Sierra de Guara, we advise you to choose a “Classic canyon” tour. During your online booking, you will indicate the overall level of your group:

  • ‘not very sporty’
  • ‘sporty’
  • ‘heterogeneous’.


We can thus adapt the canyon itinary and rhythm of the descent, proposing for example passages variations of different levels that suits everybody. Afterwards, we will evaluate your level on site and will propose – when appropriate – an “Expert canyon”!



Of course ! You can book for 2 people only.


Also you will certainly be integrated into a larger group. The regulation of the Sierra de Guara Park imposes on all groups a maximum of 8 people per guide in the canyons with rappel technics involved, and 10 maximum in the canyons without rappel technics. If your group exceeds this numbers, we will adapt by allocating extra guides.



Yes, we can offer programs of a multiple canyons depending on the number of days you choose. No canyon is alike, and you will certainly struggle at the end of your stay to find out which one you liked best …


To book several canyons, just check the number of days in the booking form. If you have time, we recommend taking breaks between two canyon. Please note that in August we reduce programs to a maximum of 3 canyons.


See more :



For all institutions such as Schools, Associations…, we offer a price of 50 € / person / canyon.


This price includes the loan of the technical equipment (new neoprene suits of very good quality, helmets, self-emptying bags, waterproof tins, call-back equipment if necessary) and the supervision of a guide of the Sense De l’Eau for the tour . Picnic and transportation is at the charge of the participants and must be handle and plan by participants.


Contact us for more information !


This is aquatics and dry canyons : canyoning in Sierra de Guara is the ideal way to discover the activity and to enjoy a sporty day.

Playfull and aquatic, the canyons of Sierra de Guara have contributed since the beginning of the activity to the international fame of the region for canyoning in Spain.

Bellow is a selection of outstanding canyons. All are located in the Natural Park area of the Sierra de Guara.


Public concerned:

– Families (children from 7 years old);

– Groups of beginners or sports friends (from 2 people);

– School groups, associations and summer camps;

– Works committees;

– EVJG / EVJF…  

* The difficulty of the canyon (easy – medium – difficult) is subjective information evaluated by normal summer flow (excluding flood) representing the geographic data: length / elevation / verticality etc…


History of canyoning started in Rio Vero ! Therefore he contributed significantly to the region notoriety.
The sheer size and beauty of the cliffs make this canyon a true natural museum. Technically easy, several big chaos of blocks make this descent,very playful and aquatic: like a mineral labyrinth made of small slides, snorkeling and jumping (all bypassable). It ends with the famous medieval village of Alquezar, which adds to the trip a cultural touch. It is an ideal tour for families and lovers of grandiose landscapes.


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: easy. No rappel

Approach: 1 hour

Return walk: 25 minutes


The Canyon Péonéra is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the Sierra de Guara. The descent begins with a succession of cascades and basins where the current often invites to play with. Naturally shaped for the canyoning activity, this tour offers many surprising passages: aesthetic chaos of blocks, long swimming passages, a wide variety Jumps and siphons (all bypassable). At the half-way, at the source of Tamara, we follow naturally the descent by a small canyon named Puntillo, totally different: less cashed so sunny, the limestone gives way to the conglomerate. After a little chaos, the river opens onto a very pretty basin where you can practice jumps of different heights in an emerald green translucent water.


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: easy. No rappel

Approach: 1 hour

Return walk: 30 minutes


Wide and wild gorge carved into the Sierra de Guara plateau, this very aquatic canyon is undoubtedly the one that offers the most spectacular jumps in the region! It allows to stay away from the crowds of the big weekends during summer break.

Starting from the small village of Rodellar, you start an approach walk that cross the pass of Andrebot where you will discover the typical landscape the Sierra de Guara. Then starts the canyon with a chaos of imposing blocks where we sail from waterfall to waterfall, bordered by majestic cliffs. Some beautiful underwater passages (bypassable) provides great sensations. Follows a succession of walks and swimm (which presents no technical difficulty) where you can practice jumps at various heights from 2 to 10 meters (all bypassable). Reaching towards the end of the canyon, the « Billionaire swimming pool » is an astonishing natural overflow pool with perfectly oval shape offering a moment of true luxury. The tour ends with a large reach of 300 meters and as much of swimming in a majestic natural corridor that leads directly to the campsite El Puente.


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: easy. No rappel

Approach walk: 1h45 hour

Return walk: none


Here is the most representative canyoning canyon. Nestled in a gorge of conglomerate rock, its descent is very complete, and connects playful passages playful accessible to all. Physically approchable, it enables to learn gently the basic ropes techniques, and offers many fun passages. After a pleasant walk overflown by griffon vultures, the parcours begins with a very easy small rappel before reaching the water. What’s come next is aquatic: slides, small optional jumps. Two rappel of about 7 meters (which the most adventurous can possibly jump), give to this descent its technical aspect. The end of the canyon – more open and sunny – offers beautiful canyoning passages, which according to the water level, can be sensational!


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: easy. 3 easy abseils, the largest of which is 15 meters

Approach: 1 hour

Return walk: 10 minutes


The hidden Gem of Sierra de Guara! This very complete canyon is located in a wild area of the Sierra de Guara in the Rio Isuala valley. After an approaching walk in a very mountainous setting, we will reache the bottom of a valley bordered by high cliffs in bright colors. The Balces canyon begins with a chaos of blocks and a rappel of 8 meters in a beautiful waterfall. Then follows small down-climbing passages, slides, optional underwater passages… provides access to the most incredible moment of the descent unique in Sierra de Guara: a one meter narrow sculpted by the erosion of the l ‘water. Another 5-meter reminder allows you to get out of the gorge and finish the canyon with nice passages. This very rhythmic canyon surprises by its originality and its beauty.


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: medium. 2 abseils of 8 and 5 meters. The main difficulty is the approach and return marches

Approach walk: 1:30 hour

Return walk: 30 minutes


Starting from Rodellar, this combination of two canyons is an ideal option for spring (low water level in summer), and perfect for discovering in the same day two very different atmospheres of the canyoning activity. Virgen is a dry canyon that surprises by its aesthetics. Ideal for learning the rappeling techniques, this descent consists in a succession of big steps with smooth and sculpted walls. At the end of this first canyon, you will reach the famous aquatic canyon of the Mascun (in its lower part). We will continue the day in the water, exploring a chaos of blocks in which there is fun and easy passages: jumps, small caves, waterfalls, swimming… Large magnificent cliffs – on which you may see some climbers – border the canyon to the reach of Barrasil, which announce the close end and the arrival at El Puente campsite.


Category: aquatic canyon

Difficulty *: easy. 3 abseils, the largest of which is 10 meters

Approach walk: 20 minutes

Return walk: none


Aesthetic descent into a non-aquatic gorge typical of conglomerate landscapes, this is a unique journey into the heart of beautiful and wild nature. This canyon consists of two very different parts, the first aerial and technical, the second intimate and aesthetic. In a natural amphitheater we start with superb fairly easy but impressive abseils, which allow us to descend this giant staircase. The last reminder is remarkable: it follows a ramp of vegetation in a smooth and rounded room. After a short walk, we arrive at the second part of the narrower canyon which invites us to progress, either abseiling or small de-escalation, in the meanders of the canyon to a magnificent room. We come to the bed of the Rio Isuala which we will have to cross to reach the ascent path that winds through the scrubland of the Sierra de Guara.


Category: dry canyon

Difficulty *: medium. 6 abseils, the largest of which is 22 meters

Approach: 1 minute

Return walk: 30 minutes


Dry canyon ideal for a first technical approach to the abseiling, the basender crosses the typical landscape of the Sierra de Guara. A tributary of the Rio Vero, its descent is a succession of reminders in a mineral universe sculpted by erosion for thousands of years. The first 9-meter abseil gives access to the heart of the canyon. This is followed by a succession of small playful jumps, whether you descend either by de-escalation or by toboggan. The large calcite gray cliffs announce the 3 abseils of 8, 11 and 9 meters, the main difficulty of this technical course. After a few canyoning passes, we arrive at the last reminder, just as easy and very aesthetic (13 meters) which allows us to reach the canyon of the Rio Vero. A path allows us to return to the departure car park. If the team of the day is sporty, we can continue on Le Portiacha: a gorge close to the Basender, quite short but very intense. It is a succession of 3 very aerial recalls (26, 8 and 30 meters). The last reminder is simply sublime, like a spider in a room painted with large orange flows.


Category: dry canyon

Difficulty *: easy / medium. 5 or 8 abseils depending on the option chosen

Approach: 30 minutes

Return walk: 15 minutes


Here is a very original descent which proposes to discover two very different atmospheres: a dry canyon with great abseilings and the upper aquatic part of the Rio Vero. From the car park near the village of Lecina, you can quickly access the first canyon with a first vertical abseil of 30 meters. The gorge then plunges into the immense canyon of the Vero with a 30-meter abseil in a spider’s thread in the heart of a particularly beautiful room.

We then follow the emerald water of the Rio Vero to discover the first chaos of blocks in this mythical canyon. The highlight of the show is undoubtedly a perfectly smooth mineral wave where the dimmed light provides a surreal ambiance. A little further, we visit the Cocinetta du Chimiachas, before turning around to go up all the chaos of blocks. But we also go back in time: the explorers of the Rio Vero in 1966 traveled the canyons in the opposite direction of the current to avoid being trapped and always have the possibility of descending. Depending on the water level, this swim against the current exercise can be quite sporty!


Category: dry and aquatic canyon

Difficulty: medium. 4 rappels, the largest of which is 40 meters.

Approach walk: 2 minutes.

Return walk: 30 minutes.


Particularly long and physically engaged, “expert” canyons are great mythical expeditions of canyoning in the Spanish Pyrenees. With several hours of walking and activity, they require a very good athletic condition and are adressed to experienced public.
Bellow is a selection of outstanding canyons. All are located in the Natural Park area of the Sierra de Guara.


Prerequisites :
-Have a good knowledge of canyoning with rappelling ;
-To be in good shape : no lesion or injury on the legs ;
Over 18 (except exceptional case) ;
-Ideally, doing, at last, one Classic canyon with Le Sens de l’Eau, to let the guides evaluate the level and the capacity of the participants.


A mythical, almost magical canyon. It was baptized “Maskhrun” by the Arabs, which means “the witches’ dwelling”, in reference to the grandiose landscapes bordering its flanks. From the village of Rodellar a very sporty walk allows us to reach the desert plateau of the Sierra de Guara until a perfect circus, starting point of the descent. It is a long and complete canyon (jumps, rappels, swimm) which invites to reverie by its aesthetics. Among the most beautiful passages of the canyon are a succession of basins perfectly smooth and hollowed out in the rock, a massive cave in which the rio engulfs in a semi-obscure atmosphere, a magnificent narrow passage called the Pozo Negro. Its length and the number of rappels are making its difficulty.

To be practiced at best at the beginning of the season : from May to mid July. It is generally dry the rest of the summer.


Category: expert aquatic canyon

Difficulty: difficult. A dozen abseils, from 5 to 20 meters

Approach: 3 hours

Return walk: 1h30


Extremely beautiful, this dry canyon is a succession of rappels openning to a vertical and wild setting. After a superb hike on the high plateaux of the north of the Sierra, until the abandoned village of Otin, we go into the gorge that is devoid of water but aesthetically sculpted. The descent is a succession of rappels, more or less high and technical, of which two very dizzying reveal an incredible point of view on the canyon and requires a little experience in rope descent. This canyon is banned in spring because of the nesting of birds, and therefore runs during the summer period.

It is an ideal option to take a break in a series of aquatic canyons while remaining very sporty and sensational.


Category: dry expert canyon

Difficulty: difficult. A dozen abseils, including the largest 45 meters

Approach: 1h30

Return walk: 1h30


Wild and engaged, this descent is reputed to be the longest one in the Sierra de Guara. As for the Mascun the approach start from the village of Rodellar and strides rapidly West to reach the abandoned village of Nasarre.

The entrance – an impressive gorge which cuts the mountain in two marks a first very impressive part: a succession of jumps that can also be rapelled down. Many very cold and clear swims betray the existence of submerged springs. Then the second part, more open,  reveals a majestic landscape leading naturally on the wide defile of Barrasil, and the last optional jumps of the descent.

The “Billionaire’s Pool” suggests that the end is near, just a few minutes away there is the Puente’s camping bar!

To be appreciated this canyon requires effort management and good athletic condition.


Category: expert aquatic canyon

Difficulty: difficult. Some reminders not exceeding 12 meters

Approach: 3 hours

Return walk: none


This long combination makes it possible to discover in the same day two totally different atmospheres. This canyon is located in a wild area of ​​the Sierra de Guara in the Rio Isuala valley.

After an approaching walk in a very mountainous setting, one reaches the bottom of a valley bordered by high cliffs in bright colors. The Balces canyon begins with a chaos of blocks and a rappel of 8 meters in a beautiful waterfall. The suite, made up of down climbing passages, slides, optional underwater passages, gives access to the most incredible moment of the descent, unique in Sierra: a one meter narrow sculpted by the erosion corridor. Another 5 meter rappel makes you get out of the gorge. This very rhythmic canyon surprises by its originality and beauty.

After the water canyon of Balcès, a hike takes us to the Cautiecho, a conglomerate fault without water where the main difficulties consist in rappeling down. The light and the vegetation give a wild and unique feeling. A rappel of 42 meters is one of the most singular passages of the Sierra de Guara: sensations guaranteed!


Category: dry canyon

Difficulty *: easy / medium. 5 or 8 reminders depending on the option chosen

Approach: 30 minutes

Return walk: 15 minutes

Exclusivity option

An à la carte canyoning product, where you will be alone with your guide, to fully enjoy the natural wonders of the Sierra de Guara as a family or as a couple. The “Exclusivity option” allows us to design a closer and more selective service than a classic reservation.

If you want to choise 100% of your canyoning tour, this option is for you!


For each group supervised by an instructor, we group the reservations according to the level announced: not very sporty – sporty – heterogeneous. We strictly respect the management rules of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park:

– 8 people per guide in the canyons with abseiling;

– 10 people per guide in the canyons without abseiling.

The “Exclusivity option allows us, among other things, to close the group, and to organize the canyoning outing(s) directly to comply exactly with your requirements. Your group is therefore not mixed with other groups of people, and travels the canyon alone with the guide. Thus, we offer the possibility of choosing a number of parameters to develop a particular and privileged program.


– Privatization of the guide service: upon booking, the instructor enters into direct contact with the group to develop a program exclusively based on the experience and desires of the participants.

– The choice of the canyon: whether it is the great classics of the Sierra de Guara, or more atypical canyons, less traveled and wilder, this option allows you to choose your program in complete freedom.

– Schedule: to avoid busy schedules, the guide will suggest several solutions, such as an early or late departure. This luxury allows you to choose the timing of the day yourself, and to adapt the canyoning service to the habits of the group.

– APN rental or free action camera included!


The price is calculated per group and includes the loan of technical equipment (new neoprene suits of very good quality, helmets, self-emptying bags, waterproof containers, abseiling equipment if necessary) and the supervision of a guide from SENS DE L’EAU for the day. You must provide a picnic, and transportation to the meeting place.

2 people : 400 € / canyon

3 people : 440 € / canyon

4 people : 480 € / canyon

5 people : 520 € / canyon

6 people : 560 € / canyon


Stage canyoning

Each canyon is scheduled on a entire day. It’s up to you to choose how many days you want. We regularly organize programs of 2 to 5 different canyons.

Examples of stays with several canyons programmed

Also we advise groups that book several days in Sierra de Guara to plan a rest day, which will allow you to enjoy other activities in the region. For organizational reasons, in August, we limit the programs to 3 canyons maximum.
>For the guides of SENS DE L’EAU, to supervise a group on several canyons is the opportunity to deepen techniques of progression as rappeling down, jumping….

The goal being to achieve a certain level of ease in canyoning. That’s why we develop a varied program, adapted to the needs and the group level, designed to make each day brings new sensations and learning new skills.


Thanks to the wide variety of canyons in the Sierra de Guara, we can make you discover up to 20 original itineraries, all in the area of the Natural Park. Each one of them reveals the many faces of the Sierra de Guara, and little by little you will become a privileged witness to the beauty of these magical places


The canyons are generally aquatic: very playful, the water makes it possible to cool down from the summer temperature and draws you at the will of the current, from cascades to natural pools.

There are also dry canyons: sculpted gorges by the passage of the water, these wild canyons often allow to take of the height, opportunity to practice superb rappels.

Examples of stays with several canyons programmed:

Full Week-end: 2 canyons

Péonéra + Balcès : Very complementary, this combination of canyons offers the perfect program to get a glimpse of the Sierra de Guara potential. They combine water games, jumps, rappels and magnificent scenery.

Playful program: 3 canyons

Rio Vero + Barrasil + Péonéra: avoiding canyons with recall, this combination allows you to discover three large classical aquatic tours that emphasize the playful side of the activity.

Sporty program: 5 canyons

Rio vero + Formiga + Otin + Balcès + Péonéra: with four aquatic canyons and a dry canyon, this is a very complete program which requires good athletic condition if you do not plan to take a break between 2 canyons.

Expert program: 2 canyons

Balcès + Mascun: The first day aims to practice the rappels and jumps technics that need to be mastered for the following day and to fully enjoy the tour.


Traveling through several canyons in the Sierra de Guara allows to apprehend the various fecetes of the canyoning activity. During your rest days we give you tips to discover other activities. It is also the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of this unique region, mixing sport and discovery of an environment.


You are curious: Discover a region with a unique cultural heritage ;

You are adventurous: Go hiking in the vast wilderness of the Sierra de Guara

You are gourmand: Get introduce to the culinary specialties of the region ;

You are relax: it is the holidays! Enjoy the swim and the calm of nature.

Canyoning for institutions

For the time of a journey with us: discover, get challenged, surpass yourself. We will guide you.


In this exceptional setting, all participants are inevitably headed out on the same journey. With a common goal: “get down the canyon”. A unique opportunity to unify a group around a playful and engaging project. The experienced instructors from LE SENS DE L’EAU encourage a dynamic of mutual-support, self-transcendence and. Thus everyone naturally finds his place in this soothing and impressive nature. Canyoning allows us to create common memories and weave together a story that brings us together.


Voici quelques structures que nous avons déjà encadré lors de séjours canyoning : Centres sociaux ; Maisons de quartier ; MJC ; MDJ ; MCL ; IME ; ITEP ; associations ; collèges ; Lycées ; Comités d’entreprises…


Preferential Prices :


50 €/person/canyon (in July) for assocations of young stay.

55 €/person/canyon for works councils.


The price includes the rental of the technical equipment (very good quality neoprene suits, helmets, canyoning bag, watertight 5L can, rappel equipment when necessary) and the supervision of guide from LE SENS DE L’EAU for the day . You must plan by yourself picnic and transport to the meeting point.


Our diplomas :

– Brevet d’État d’Éducateur Sportif 1er degré option Escalade – French
– Diplôme d’État Perfectionnement Sportif option Canyonisme -French
– Diploma of Techniques of descents of canyons – Spanish


A group of 10 young disable people (boys and girls aged 17-19 year olds) from the Medico-educational institute P.Garnier, participated in a week’s stay in the Sierra de Guara, supervised by 4 educators: With the planned activity being canyoning, we contacted “Le Sens de l’Eau” and fortuitously, Samuel, one of the team’s animators, living in Poitiers, was able to come and present us the activity, equipment, canyons and talk about safety, in the presence of the young people and their parents.

On the spot, the activity has been a success. The team, Samuel and Nicolas, have allayed the fears and concerns of the group members, evaluated the potential and adapted the itinary and dificulty so that everyone at his level could participate and “enjoy”.
At the end of the stay, a warm and complicit relationship was established between the protagonists.

The young people keep unforgettable memories of this stay and their eyes illuminates each time this beautiful adventure is evoked.

LE SENS DE L’EAU will have given these adolescents, the time of some canyon descentss, the feeling of being like everyone else they will have enriched this meeting with a natural environment, which may seem hostile. A great human adventure !

Medico-educational institute Pierre Garnier – June 2014 – Poitiers

Camera rental

Colors, heat, landscapes, water… the Sierra de Guara leaves no visitor insensitive, and marks memory intensely.
To keep a photographic trace is a way to re-live these memories and share them: a few pictures of the canyon, videos of the most playful passages, animals encountered on our way, smiles…


We offer leasing of waterproof digital cameras and their satchel shoulder : 20 € / day.


For memory cards, you have two options: either you bring your own, or you can buy one for 5 €.You need an SD card for cameras.

During the we take time to make exceptional shots, without risking to use a mobile phone in a waterproof sachet.
The professional guides of LE SENS DE L ‘EAU do not take pictures, they take care of the the group safety.


Step 1 : When booking online, tick the box “Rent a waterproof digital camera”;

Step 2 : You can bring your own SD card, or we have 5 € per unit;

Step 3 : The guide brings you the device the morning of the canyoning tour;

Step 4 : Photograph and film your excursion yourself

Step 5 : At the end of the day, pay 25 € (20 € without the memory card);

Step 6 : Go back with your images and videos in SD card or micro SD.


Here are the models of camera and waterproof camera that we offer for rent :


Compact panasonic lumix DMC-FT 30

A waterproof digital camera, simple and very resistant, ideal for the practice of canyoning

  • 16.1 Mpx sensor
  • Video HD 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Optical stabilization
  • Waterproof up to 8 m
  • Shock resistance up to 1.5 m
  • Cold-resistant up to -10 ° c

Contact us

• By phone :  00 33 7 84 38 39 81



My name is Sam, coordinator and instructor at Le Sens de l’Eau and I will be happy to answer your questions as clearly as possible.

We usually answer all your message within 24 hours.


If you don’t get news from us please check your junk box or contact us directly by phone.

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